Match Report: Taunton Tigers Under 18 Mens Team — 16 October 2011

Taunton Tigers vs London Feltham Warriors

The Tigers U18 Men had big hopes ahead of their away game against London Feltham Warriors. Unfortunately during first two minutes of the game Feltham Warriors went on a run 16 – 0. Tigers tried to fight back but it wasn't their day. A lack of execution and poor shooting percentage resulted in 44 point difference after three quarters.

The team's second unit lead by Ben Hayes from the U16's Tigers Team showed great example of how to play with heart and pride, winning the fourth quarter by two points.

Head Coach, Lukasz Sokolowski had this to say,

“We are disappointed with our performance. We expected a much better game than we showed today. We must execute our principals with better precision. We hope it is going to be a good lesson for all of us and we will look to improve step by step, even if the steps are small to begin with.”

“We know that we possess enough skills to be competitive against teams like London Feltham Warriors but the problem is with executing little things: good passing, good spacing, being ready in help defence every single time. The good thing is that boys are not going to put their heads down and will work hard to erase their mistakes.”

Final Score: Taunton Tigers 42 – 84 London Feltham Warriors