Match Report: Taunton Tigers Mens Team — 16 January 2010

Taunton Tigers vs Bristol Academy Flyers

Matches between these two local rivals always seem to be amazingly close. Already this season, Tigers had beaten Flyers by 1 point (in the National Trophy) and the National Cup game between the two sides went Bristol's way by 2 points. So, it was no surprise that this turned out to be another nail-biter.

You can watch the full game video here or View it on Vimeo. The match report continues below.

The home side had the edge in the opening period and could have taken a sizeable lead into break, had it not been for late outside shots from Mike Sebire, Chris Page and Kevin Anderson which brought Taunton back to within 3 points.

Successive baskets from Anderson and Page gave Tigers the lead for the first time in the opening minute of the second quarter. After this the game swung one way and then the other for the rest of the period, with the lead never exceeding 2 points for either side. Taunton were just in front 36 – 34 as the half came to a close.

Increased pressure by the visitors extended that lead to 8 points early in the second half and they were still holding the advantage 59 – 52 at the end of the third quarter. In the final period Bristol came back again and the game became one in which the lead was alternating by a single point. Flyer's point-guard was successful from the free-throw line in the closing minute to give his side the lead and Tigers' final shot just failed to drop in the final seconds, leaving them to reflect on the anguish of another very narrow defeat.

Final Score: Taunton Tigers 74 – 75 Bristol Academy Flyers