Match Report: Taunton Tigers Mens Team — 10 December 2011

Taunton Tigers vs Hackney White Heat

Tigers recorded back to back wins with a stunning 22 point away victory against London team Hackney White Heat in National League Division 3. The Tigers squad, currently ravaged by injuries, travelled to the capital with a team of eight players, which included Head Coach Matt Nolan, who was forced to kit up for the second week running.

After the Tigers lengthy journey it was the Heat who started off on fire making long range shots, however it wasn't long before the Tigers got into their running game with both Harry Turner and Adam Rickwood scoring freely. On the defensive end it was the job of Michael Sebire and Kevin Anderson to keep the Heat 7ft inside player at bay, which they did with some grit and determination keeping him off the boards.

As the half time buzzer approached there was just enough time for George Scarborough to nail a big three pointer and give the Tiger an eight point lead at the end of the 2nd. Tigers continued in the second half to punish the Heat by making shots from all over the court and playing aggressive defence.

Ben Williams led the Tigers on defence in the second half getting prickly with the Heat and upsetting their offensive rhythm. Joe Randall fresh off a 43 point game for Taunton Tornadoes made up the team and showed his majority by helping the Tigers to push the pace on offence. As the game was ending the Tigers extended their lead with several and one plays to run out winners by a comfortable margin.

The Tigers men's team would like to thank their sponsor, charity Stand Against Violence and its founder, Adam Fouracre for all his support to the team this season.

Final Score: Taunton Tigers 84 – 62 Hackney White Heat